MCLMG White Papers

Please avail yourself of our project and risk management white papers. All we ask is that you properly attribute the source as MCLMG, LLC if you use or reference our material. We also would enjoy your comments and feedback on the ideas presented in these innovative papers.

These are some of the recent articles that the PMP staff of MCL Management Group have written for a variety of purposes and publishing entities. Please enjoy.

  1. Approaching the Troubled Project: What to do First?
    by Paul Lohnes, MBA, PMP
  2. Can Agile and Traditional Project Management be Partners
    by Paul Lohnes, and Cheryl Wilson
  3. Developing a Flexible, Multi-level Risk Classifications System
    by Paul Lohnes, and Cheryl Wilson
  4. Establishing a Risk Management Office (RMO)
    by Paul Lohnes, and Cheryl Wilson
  5. Establishing a Proactive Risk Management (PRM) Program
    by Paul Lohnes, and Cheryl Wilson
  6. MCLMG’s 3D Project Risk® Model (3DRM)

    by Paul Lohnes, and Cheryl Wilson


MCLMG, LLC is pleased to provide these much lengthier and more detailed artifacts, called eBooks, to their reading audience. Please enjoy.

  1. The NEW Risk Standards for 21st Century Project Risk Practitioners
    by Paul Lohnes, PMP and Cheryl A. Wilson, PMP, RMP, CCEP

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