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Welcome to the MCLMG, LLC’s blog on leading edge discussions and methodologies for the Project Management discipline.We at MCLMG have developed an innovative, and practical new concept of project management based on the simplest of concepts that the most important goal or objective that any project, program or portfolio must have is the production of “fit-for-use” deliverables. The PM discipline has gotten away from this concept, in our opinion, being more interested in credentials, processes, procedures, and “bodies of knowledge.”

We at MCLMG with a combined project management experience cache of over 60 years in just the senior management team have assisted our clients and customers in returning to the basics of project management by cutting through the almost liturgical confusion that several of the project management knowledge warehouses have attempted to propagate and/or demand as required for “proper project management” operations. Through actual implementation and results, MCLMG has provided a simpler, but more effective environment for achieving higher project completion success rates while staying within the budget, schedule, scope and quality constraints of modern project implementations.

Join us each day for poignant tips, techniques, and discussions on how your organization can improve their project management success rates while simplifying the processes and activities that have come to plague most project teams in today’s ever increasingly complex arena of project management.

To start your mindset re-programming, consider this: with an almost 20-fold increase in the number of certified project managers from about a decade past, it would appear to be intuitive that the project success rates would have increased in like manner. However, ask yourself: is this the case at your organization? MCLMG has found just the opposite which we have discovered is due primarily to the almost parallel increase in “project management body of knowledge” complexity. Complexity is the antithesis of success as the statement of Occam’s Razor has so succinctly stated:

“All things be equal, the simplest solution is usually the best.” (paraphrased)

 Join us in helping you and your organization recapture the project completion success rates that a simpler management solution can offer while reducing the stress and strain on your project teams and management resources.

Take care.

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